Every Sat. from Jan. 4
Time Varies
Art, Open Mic, Spoken Word, Theater
Barring things like the Minnesota State Fair and the St. Paul Winter Carnival, not many events here in town make it past the 20-year mark. Balls, the beloved Saturday-night open-mic cabaret, is an exception to that rule. Over the decades a variety of performers — from very green, to emerging, to seasoned pros — have taken to the stage to entertain. What you'll see on any given night varies wildly, and may include folksy local musicians, anarchist poets, musical-theater students, or award-winning storytellers trying out new material. The event, hosted by Leslie Ball, is censor-free, although first timers are required to take in a show before they are allowed to sign up and give it a whirl. Balls is also a sober event, which can be a refreshing change for those tired of drunken open-mic sets or the late-night last-call scene.